Staying Happy Book

What if what you need for your personal happiness is already here, stored and engineered by yourself in your body and mind? And you have the answers to how you can stay happy. You just have to put in a minimum effort every day and it will stay with you! Would you want to stay happy?

Happiness Coach & Trainer Nya Gregor Fleron gives constructive, uplifting and empowering insights in her book Staying Happy: Personal Happiness Through Movement and Love to help you develop your own happiness skill-set, building on who and what you already are.

Staying Happy: Personal Happiness through Movement and Love by Nya Gregor Fleron

staying happy book by nya fleron front coverThis is a self-help sort of book that will give you uplifting insights and success stories into what personal happiness is and suggest empowering practices to how you can create or rather uncover your own happy self. Do you more often in your day-to-day life feel unhappy with your experiences than happy? Do you experience that ultimately life is full of short moments of happy, but happiness doesn’t seem to stick around? If so this book might be a good fit to inspire you to repair the emotional wounds you have been lugging around, and enable you to step into a new, more joyful experience of reality; emotionally, physically and mentally. Understand, dismantle and liberate those self-destructive patterns that stop you from enjoying your life.

Commit to making a positive change now toward a happier life of joy, peace and well-being. Discover the life and joy you were meant to have. Develop your very own happiness skill-set, building on who and what you already are. By strengthening your innate abilities to move body and mind, and your heart’s desire to love and be loved, you will learn how you can stay happy in your life. In short, dance, smile, exercise and love yourself happy!

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About the Author Nya Gregor Fleron

Nya Gregor Fleron grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and makes her home in New York City, where she runs her own business and writes her books. She is also an avid student and practitioner of energy healing, tantra and yoga. In recent years, she’s found that her life purpose is to spread joy and love wherever she goes by adding a smile or a laugh to someone’s day. In order to do this, she is committed to staying happy herself and this process is helping her tackle life with her heart. With this book she hopes to be able to get people worldwide smiling on a daily basis.

Nya is also the author of the novel Kali’s Gift—read more about it at

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments    8
  • Part I: Staying Happy Introductions 9
  • Preface 10
  • Happiness in Short 14
  • Denmark, the Happiest Place in the World? 18
  • Personal Happiness Leads the Way to Universal Happiness 21
  • Happiness to Me    22
  • Symptoms of Personal Happiness 22
  • Fast Track to Personal Happiness 23
  • My Happiness Review 25
  • Staying Happy Daily Check In 25
  • Part II: 12 Steps to Staying Happy 27
  • 1. Happy or Not: You and I Have a Lot In Common    28
    • Happy Neurochemicals 31
    • Practices For Your Happiness 32
  • 2. Happiness Is a Choice, Take Charge and Commit to It!    34
    • Creating New & Better Habits 37
    • Practices For Your Happiness 39
  • 3. Feed Your Happiness    40
    • The Intelligence of the Stomach    43
    • Practices For Your Happiness 45
  • 4. Dance The New Medicine 46
    • Health Benefits of Dance 49
    • Practices For Your Happiness 51
  • 5. Peace of Mind 52
    • Happy Meditation Chemistry 55
    • Practices For Your Happiness 57
  • 6. Know Thyself    60
    • Positive Minds Are More Receptive 65
    • Practices For Your Happiness 66
  • 7. Rewrite Your Life Stories By Knowing Yourself Better    68
    • Quantum Physics Can Explain Consciousness and Free Will    72
    • Practices For Your Happiness 74
  • 8. Show Up For Your Life 76
    • Music & Neurochemistry    79
    • Practices For Your Happiness 81
  • 9. The Art of Accepting and Forgetting    82
    • Happy Immune System 86
    • Practices For Your Happiness 88
  • 10. All We Need Is Love    90
    • The Intelligence of the Heart 93
    • Practices For Your Happiness 94
  • 11. Master the Two Greatest Forces in the Universe: Fear & Love    96
    • The Intelligence of Water 99
    • Practices For Your Happiness 101
  • 12. You Are Not Alone 102
    • The Light From Within 105
    • Practices For Your Happiness 107
  • Part III:  Further Happy Studies 109
  • Exercises in This Book 110
  • Credit to Teachers 110
  • Suggestions for Exploration and Further Practice 111
  • Literature and References 112
  • Books 112
  • Web References 113
  • Practices for Your Happiness (Exercises 1-29) 115