Freedom to Be You

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Aristotle (384-322 BC)

"The World is your mirror and its purpose is for you to understand yourself and through yourself, others.”

Martin Brofman

Authenticity Will Set You Free

Give yourself the gift of allowing yourself the freedom to be who you are. You will free up a lot of energy in your life and you will have more room to be present. All the energy we tend to spend on maintaining a facade to outside world can be utilized in much better ways, so instead of repairing our state of mind all the time, we are free to be happy. When you are authentic, allow yourself to be you in a respectful way to yourself and others, you will naturally be more relaxed, more present and joy will much more easily arise out of thin air.

Being True to Yourself Will Set You Free and Bring Happiness

Be yourself. Be authentic. Be truthful about who you are right now. Don’t push yourself away. Learn to be your most vulnerable, how to be present with your emotions, and how to accept all the parts of you. Learn to accept all that you are, your personality, your sensitivities, your gifts, your downfalls, your strengths. The only way to accept something is to look at it honestly. Emotions, feelings and thoughts come and go much more swiftly when you accept their existence. Know that you are not your thoughts, perceptions and feelings. They are the exterior wall of the strategies you’ve created to deal with life, and they too will inevitably change.

Practice checking in with yourself. Observe yourself without judgment! Get to really know yourself. Understand what strategies and tendencies you have put together that work and which no longer work. Once you know something about yourself, you can turn it around in your favor. Put your mind to great use this way!

As you peel those nonessential layers off, you become more of who you truly are, your mind will be freer and you will discover the joy and love of just being. Who you truly are is for you to find out and explore and I bet it is an ongoing journey of excitement, sadness, joy, defeat and triumph unraveling right now. That is why you felt called to read this book. You will find out that the more you explore yourself, the more you will become aware, the more you will expand you.

Positive Minds Are More Receptive

Did you know that psychological studies conducted by Raj Raghunathan Ph.D. show that people who are in a positive state of mind are more receptive to the truth of a matter (a negative and stressful subject) than people who are in a negative mood already, because they are using all their focus on repairing their current state of mind?


"It doesn’t matter what your personal habits are, or your eating habits, sexual habits, or social skills. Your value to the community is your ability to heal others.
When you are successful with that, you are a healer, and that is something that can never be taken away from you, or invalidated by any other person, whatever their limiting ideas may be.”

Martin Brofman – Anything Can Be Healed