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Are You Ready to Live Your Happy Life?

In Staying Happy: Personal Happiness Through Movement and Love, Personal Happiness Trainer & Coach Nya Gregor Fleron gives uplifting insights and success stories into what personal happiness is and suggests empowering practices to how you can create or rather uncover your happy self. Did you know that nature intended for our human experience to be blissful? Our biology ensures that what is essential for our survival makes us feel good by creating hundreds of neurochemicals. Commit to making a positive change now toward a happier life of joy, peace and well-being.

staying happy book by nya fleron front coverDiscover the life and joy you were meant to have. Develop your very own happiness skill-set, building on who and what you already are. Nya's methodology is simple. Use movement in all of its facets to shift what is stuck. In other words, through conscious movement you can learn to tackle your emotions, feelings and mental activities better. When you are more at peace with yourself, you will discover you have the energy and freedom to love more; in fact, become better at loving yourself and others. With more love, less fear and more joy. With more love and movement in your life, you can much more easily commit to a happy approach.

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Introducing Nya and her book Staying Happy

October 2017

Nya talks about her book on Diana Montford's TV show

February 2017

Fast Track to Happiness

  • Be creative and playful
  • Be more present by releasing any speculations of the past and future
  • Be spontaneous and hug a tree
  • Boost your courage factor by facing your fears head on
  • Bring about more awareness of the stories that you tell and your interactions and choose more uplifting ones
  • Change your diet and explore what works best with your body
  • Change your environment regularly
  • Commit to random acts of kindness & compassion
  • Connect deeply to other people by making eye contact
  • Create movement in and around you
  • Dance with abandon
  • Do yoga, walk or any exercise that you enjoy
  • Embrace change
  • Express yourself freely and authentically
  • Generate gratitude toward life and people
  • Laugh more
  • Learn about acceptance
  • Learn to love, free of grief and expectations
  • Meditate
  • Smile without expectation
  • Travel to new places
  • Tune into the flow of joy in you
  • Use your imagination

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